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Emerald Isle - Magazines - C-print on MDF

This is an original C-print size of 70 x 90 cm, printed by Fotolab Amsterdam. It's attached onto MDF of 1 cm thick.

The photo is #19 in the series Emerald Isle, where the focus is on green and nature. 

I made this photo with an analog medium format camera ~ Mamiya RB67.

size: 70 x 90 cm
paper: silk photo paper
presentation: 1 cm MDF

Limited edition of 6. This print is stamped and signed on the back in pencil (Winny Pepping + edition).

Protected and packaged with care to arrive at your home safely. Enjoy!

If you are interested in this photo in a smaller size, write the title and size you want as a message to us and we will fix it!

725 EUR