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Emerald Isle - Map - Poster - A4

This analog photo is professionally printed on pearl photo paper (A4) in a limited edition of 30.

The photo is #1 in the series Emerald Isle, where the focus is on green and nature.

size: print 21 x 17 cm on A4
paper: Hahnemühle Fine Art photo rag pearl 320 grs                                   

This print is stamped and signed on the back in pencil (Winny Pepping + edition).  

You can pin it on the wall or frame it ~ whichever you like!

It will be carefully wrapped to arrive at your home safely. Enjoy!

extra: Attached you will find a real 'Pin' of Nu Interieur | Ontwerp. Similar to a piece of masking tape, but made out of walnut wood with a magnet. Handmade by a Dutch woodworker. Pins are practical in use and add a personal touch to this print.

30 EUR